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Slides from The Lead Developer 2016

Slides from The Lead Developer 2016

We’re gathering all the speakers’ slides here as they share them. Check back soon for more!

Day 1

Pat KuaWhat I wish I knew as a first time Tech Lead (slide deck)

Heidi WaterhouseThe seven righteous fights (slide deck)

Lorna MitchellThe wonderful world of webhooks (slide deck)

Mike GehardJourney from Monolith to Microservices (GitHub repo)

Dan NorthHow to Make a Sandwich (slide deck)

Katie FennWriting Modular Stylesheets with CSS Modules (slide deck)

Duretti HirpaHow to get engineering teams to eat their vegetables (slide deck)

Joel ChippindaleTelling stories through your commits (slide deck)

Day 2

Michael Lopp (Rands) – Leadership. By the Numbers. (slide deck)

Yan CuiTour of language landscape (slide deck)

Ryan AlexanderHacking Verbal Communications (slide deck with notes)

Crystal HuffAddressing Impostor Syndrome (slide deck)

Gill ZellnerHow to not burn out your monitoring team (slide deck)

Monika PiotrowiczLessons from a growing team (slide deck)

Melinda SeckingtonHow to succeed at hiring without really trying (slide deck)


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